Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Learn how to get free MEDIA on your IPHONE

So I know I have been gone awhile and havnt posted anything, Im sorry for that, but me and a buddy have been working hard on something together. You have to check this out.

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This gives you unlimited downloads for your iphone and other things like mac's.
That means unlimited movies, music,applications. ALL FREE.

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Everyone has to check out what we put together, you wont regret it. Its been my secret project for so long and its finally here.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How am I making apps and hopefully money?

Well I have tried before and failed. I just couldnt do the whole read and learn thing. But I found this program which really did help. Its like 30 dollars and you get the ebook that teachs you how to make apps, which in my opionon is worth the 30 dollars right there, but also it teachs you how to sell them for money. Yea pretty sweet. If you want to take advantage of this check it out here.


Best Iphone apps ever!

First I will list the apps from the Itunes Appstore that I have found and like;

Midomi- Midomi lets you "catch" or "snag" songs from the radio and such. You just open the app, press grab and put it by the speaker, it will find the song, show you the music video, let you buy from itunes or show you lyrics and more. Its a must have, and its FREE

Pandora- If you dont know what pandora radio is you must get it. You tell it a song or artist and it creates a playlist for you with that artist and others similar. its awesome. AND FREE

Emer. Radio- Its simple, and fun. its a police scanner so you can listen to them call in burglerys and such. Very fun.

Flixter- Check movie times reviews and order tickets

Pocket god- Cheap fun game that alows you to play god, always updating and tons of fun.

I will add more later.

Now for the fun ones though, but you must jailbreak your phone and have CYDIA for these.

MxTube- Allows you to download ANY youtube movie and store it on your phone, so its free music videos and such. AMAZING

MewSeek Pro- I think it costs 10 dollars but its like LIMEWIRE on crack. You can download unlimited songs, it uses internet and not p2p so its like lightning fast and you can find almost any song. AMAZING.

Movies- Its only worth mentioning because it has worked for 2 movies for me. I have tried to donwload probably 50 and failed, but twice it has worked. It lets you download movies for free to your iphone.

I just started making apps, I am going to post them here when I do. Need to get some breakthrough ideas. I will post a new post for how to do so.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Help me help you!

I need your guys help. I am out of ideas to post. What do you need help with?



Monday, June 1, 2009

Non-Tmobile related.

I just wanted to post how excited I was to get the Blu-ray collection of the star-trek series. Im a big fan of blu-ray and since the new star-trek movie I decided I would want to watch all the other movies. I got it for a great price. Like 75$ for all 6 movies plus more. You can always save on blu-ray when you order them online from sites like http://www.blue-ray-deals.com .

Sunday, May 31, 2009

OMFGZ Blackberry has a app store!

I love my apple Iphone because it has a APP store which just always gives you something to do!

And guess what, now blackberry has one too! I will have to get the new 8900 just for this.

Check it out. Download it. Love it.

You can get the instructions and the program for your Blackberry here:


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

G1 as a 3g tethered Modem

Ok so its not the easiest thing to do but there are two ways you can do this. The first which is supposed to be easier I HAVE NOT TESTED MYSELF! So I appologize if this doesnt work but it sounds simple enough.

Thanks JuneFabrics!

*Copied and pasted from this Site. *

Simply download PdaNet beta 1.14 (or 64bit Vista build) on your computer and follow the on-screen instructions to install and connect. It will install the application to your G1 phone automatically. Look at the FAQ page if you run into any installation errors.

The way that I HAVE TESTED is a little harder but works fine and wont be tough for you other geeks out there, check out how to do it Here..

As always email if you have questions.