Sunday, May 31, 2009

OMFGZ Blackberry has a app store!

I love my apple Iphone because it has a APP store which just always gives you something to do!

And guess what, now blackberry has one too! I will have to get the new 8900 just for this.

Check it out. Download it. Love it.

You can get the instructions and the program for your Blackberry here:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

G1 as a 3g tethered Modem

Ok so its not the easiest thing to do but there are two ways you can do this. The first which is supposed to be easier I HAVE NOT TESTED MYSELF! So I appologize if this doesnt work but it sounds simple enough.

Thanks JuneFabrics!

*Copied and pasted from this Site. *

Simply download PdaNet beta 1.14 (or 64bit Vista build) on your computer and follow the on-screen instructions to install and connect. It will install the application to your G1 phone automatically. Look at the FAQ page if you run into any installation errors.

The way that I HAVE TESTED is a little harder but works fine and wont be tough for you other geeks out there, check out how to do it Here..

As always email if you have questions.


Monday, May 25, 2009

How to unlock 2g and 3g Iphones.

Lets start with the easy one. The orignal iphone aka "2g" iphone is the easiest to unlock for services with tmobile. You can do this yourself by just simply following the instructions found here.

As for the 3g iphones. Once you have updated them to the newest version (2.2.1) they are no longer software unlockable. (well they are but its tricky and involves downgrading the baseband and a bunch of unfun stuff). So what you have to use are what are easily known as "Turbo Sims"
Or in other terms. Its a cover over your simcard to trick the phone into thinking its a at&t sim card and the sim thinks its a tmobile phone. There are a ton of different ones out there. The ones I suggest can be found here.

I also reccomend Jailbreaking your phone since there are some amazing apps out there on Cydia which i will post later.

Enjoy. And do me a favor. If you read this and found it useful, or read anything and found it useful. please comment so i know this isnt a wasted effort to help!


How to get your 3g laptop stick to work on mac.

Everyone loves and wants thier hands on the new 3g laptop stick! If you havnt heard of it or want to buy one check it out!

Ok so the firmware on the new 3g laptop stick in the states does not work on mac... yet. Or at least thats what tmobile will tell you. But if your a dedicated mac user and want to know how you can still use this device on your mac. You can do this:

1.) Download the Mobile Connect Software from here: Mobile Connect
(Here is the User Manual if you would like to read more details about the software)
2.) Insert Your webConnect USB stick into the PC, and ignore any prompts that is gives you.
3.) Run the E180-WINMAC.exe file.
2.) This will overwrite the firmware on the USB stick.
3.) Now you can plug the stick into your Mac(Leopard OSX tested).You will need to go to System Preferences > Network to accept the drivers for the new firmware.

You will see three new connections in the left hand section of the Network cards area.
4.) Click on Huawei Mobile. It will prompt you to allow this.
5.) Run the Mobile Connect app.

6.) Click on Setting

a.) Create a profile name. ex:T-mobile
b.) Add the Access Point Name:
c.) Add the telephone number: *99#
d.) Authentication: PAP
e.) Click Save

7.) Click Connect, and it should connect and Authenticate your connection.

Cheap internet for laptop using tmobile!

So tmobile is now offering the new laptop stick which is 3g speeds for $60 dollars a month. Not everyone needs this product and not everyone wants to spend that much. Tmobile stopped offering the Sony gc89 EDGE card, but that doesnt mean you cant still use it. And its very cheap to use.

If you want a GC89 card you can buy it here!

Sony Ericsson GC89
Cheap GC89 for Tmobile

The GREAT NEWS is that you can use ANY internet plan for these cards.
Even the 9.99 100 mb one, though you will get overage charges if you exceed 100mb, but the overage chargers will never exceed $25 dollars.

so any sim card with ANY tmobile internet plan will work. That means you have unlimited internet on your laptop ANYWHERE you go for only 25 dollars a month.

Yet another thing tmobile doesnt want you to know provided by the one and only TMOBILE GENIUS

Note: if you dont have a PCMCIA card slot on your laptop this card will not fit. If your computer is newer than 2 years old then you probably have an express card slot and this card will not work. BUT OF COURSE I HAVE A SOLUTION FOR YOU TOO!

This card will work all the same but its for computers with express card slots. :)

Click here

Sony ericsson TM506 as modem

Yes it CAN be used as a modem, something tmobile doesnt tell you because of the negative impact that the phone has on thier network, though if you upgraded your firmware I believe this will no longer work. But for those of you who havnt. here is the instructions. Found directly from Sony Ericsson themselves.

First you MUST have the Sony PC suite found here:


-Connect the USB cable to the computer and the phone.

-In the phone: Select Phone mode.

-On the computer: The first time you connect your phone to the computer, you need to identify and name the phone. Wait for the drivers to be installed (this is done automatically).

-On the computer: In the Sony Ericsson PC Suite application, click Tools > Internet Connection.

-Select Create a new connection from the Advanced settings drop-down list.

-The Internet Connection Wizard appears. Follow the instructions and enter the required settings.

-To connect to the Internet, click Connect in the Internet connection window.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tmobile Configuration

Tmobile is awesome because they make it easy for any of us to buy any phone and use it on tmobile.

Now if you have bought an unlocked phone then you know somethings dont work right away.
Internet, mms and tzones. But you can easily set it up using tmobiles awesome tools available at or click the link below and follow the prompts.

Choose your maker, model and what settings you want.

If your device is not listed try one that is close or email me.

Using a Tmobile Phone as a modem with a windows machine

First I would like to say you CANNOT use the sidekicks or Samsung Behold and Memoir as modems for almost anything else out there this will work.

This walkthrough will not work with any windows mobile phones. That is a different easier setup I will add later.

-You must have a data plan on your account for internet.
-Must be able to browse internet on device.
-Must have a physical connection method. i.e. (Bluetooth or USB)
-Must have device drivers on pc.
Motorola (Download drivers)
Nokia (Download Nokia pc suite)
Samsung (download Samsung pc studio)
Blackberry (download desktop manager)
^install CD came with phone
After you have installed software and you have USB cord:

-Plug your phone into the computer
-Go to start, then Control panel
-Make sure your in classic view (on the left select classic view, or switch to classic view)
-Select Phone and Modem Options
-If it asks you, insert and area code then hit ok on the bottom otherwise;
-Go to the Modems Tab
-Select your modem. (Motorola usb modem/Nokia usb modem) or Standard modem for BB
-Go to properties, if using vista select "Change Settings" on the general tab
-Go to advanced
-Type +cgdcont=1,"IP","" or for blackberries type +cgdcont=1,"IP",""
-Hit ok twice
-Select Network Connections (Network and sharing center for vista users)
-Select create a new connection (Setup a connect or network for Vista users and skip the next 3 steps)
-Select next
-Select "connect to the internet" then next
-Select "Setup my connection manually" then next
-Select "Connect using a dial up modem" (setup dial up connection for vista)
-Select your modem and only your modem
-Dial up phone number is *99#
-Connection name is Tmobile
-Don’t need a username or password
-Add a shortcut to the desktop for xp users
- Hit finished or connects

Congratulations! You’re online using your mobile phone!

Iphone Clones and more

You like the iphone touch and feel? But dont have the cash to pay $300+ on a phone?
I have a great solution. The iphone clones are similar and very afforadable. Check out some of the models here.

Very cheap Iphone look alikes!

I recommend the i9

Iphone Clone

And more good news?
I will teach you how to set it up!
Its easy and tmobile themselves does most of it for us. :)

If you have any of those amazing models and want to setup internet/mms/tzones click here.

Choose the service you want and enter your phone number.

You will receive a message on your phone saying "install sim settings?"

Press yes/ok.

The pin code is the last four digits of your phone number.

Continue to press intall/ok until the message disappears then test results.

To open internet go to
-Insert address
and type your addres ie.


Apple Iphone Unlocked support

Everyone knows how great the iphones are and for those of you like me who have unlocked it to use on tmobile here are some great tips and tricks to help you out.


You need to first get an internet plan. Call tmobile or go to and add any internet plan other than blackberry or G1 since those only work on either blackberry or the g1. The smartphone web for 24.99 is your best bet unless you want unlimited messaging as well which comes in a great bundle for 34.99.

If you have a internet plan you just need to add the apn to the phone. Do the following:

-On the phone go to Settings.
-Select General
-Select Network
-Turn Data Roaming-ON, and if your have a 3g iphone turn 3G-OFF (you will not get charged for data roaming inside the United states for T-mobile, and the 3g does not work on tmobile as at&t uses different frequencies.
-Select Cellular data Network (or EDGE if your firmware is less than 2)
-Type in for APN "" or "" (if you have vpn internet)
-Leave username and password blank
-Test internet!


-The Iphone doesnt have a Native mms application, but I do know one that works if your Iphone is jailbroken like mine is. If you open CYDIA and download and install "Swirly MMS" you can do your picture messaging and I have the settings you need.

-Open the SwirlyMMS application.
-Tap Settings.
Enter the following information:
NOTE: This is not an active link. It is an address used in configuration.
Username: [Leave Blank]
Password: [Leave Blank]

-Tap Save.

-Please note; Swirly MMS is not a free application, you get a 10 day trial i beleive then its like 8 dollars to own it forever. Its up to you, but for me it works great!

Enjoy :)


Troubleshooting FAQS:

-The apn keeps deleting itself?

-This issue was fixed I believe in the newer firmware versions but if your still having this issue then Download "Sticky APN" off of Cydia to fix it

-I added the apn and I know I have internet on my account but it still wont open?

Reset your network settings and try again. To do so, do the following:

-Reset Network Settings
-Your phone will reset
-Then reinsert the APN using the walkthrough above

If that doesn’t fix it still, your sim card is probably having troubles connecting to tmobiles network using the iphone and you are most likely using a sim cover like a turbo sim. Try this.

-Put the sim card into a tmobile branded phone and go to Menu>Tzones.
-When tzones opens put the sim back into iphone and try again.

-What if I don’t have EDGE or Cellular Data Network?

-Sometimes this happens when you unlock your iphone. There are two things you can do to edit the APN. If your phone is Jailbroken and you have CYDIA. Get some wifi connection like at a local starbucks or library or home. In CYDIA search for "APN EDITING" Download that and reset your iphone. Try the Internet walkthrough above once again. If you still can’t find the apn then try this:

-Open safari on wifi connection-Go to on Continue to next page (Or donate if you feel generous). There are three options you can click on. I know it says 3G phones but it works perfect on Gen1 phone.-Select “Customer APN”-Type “” or “”-Select download/accept-Let it install-Restart Iphone-Test out GPRS/EDGE connection-If fails reset network settings-Then try again

Any other questions or if this doesn’t help email me or comment this post and I will reply to it ASAP.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


This blog is for all the Cell phone fans out there with T-mobile. 

I am here to help you with anything Tmobile related. 
Including, but not limited too, Phone support, network support, Tmobile settings, Device configuration with tmobile and also news and updates.

Please use my knowledge to your advantage and if you have any questions or want to request some information email me and if its good I will make a new blog just for you!