Monday, May 25, 2009

Cheap internet for laptop using tmobile!

So tmobile is now offering the new laptop stick which is 3g speeds for $60 dollars a month. Not everyone needs this product and not everyone wants to spend that much. Tmobile stopped offering the Sony gc89 EDGE card, but that doesnt mean you cant still use it. And its very cheap to use.

If you want a GC89 card you can buy it here!

Sony Ericsson GC89
Cheap GC89 for Tmobile

The GREAT NEWS is that you can use ANY internet plan for these cards.
Even the 9.99 100 mb one, though you will get overage charges if you exceed 100mb, but the overage chargers will never exceed $25 dollars.

so any sim card with ANY tmobile internet plan will work. That means you have unlimited internet on your laptop ANYWHERE you go for only 25 dollars a month.

Yet another thing tmobile doesnt want you to know provided by the one and only TMOBILE GENIUS

Note: if you dont have a PCMCIA card slot on your laptop this card will not fit. If your computer is newer than 2 years old then you probably have an express card slot and this card will not work. BUT OF COURSE I HAVE A SOLUTION FOR YOU TOO!

This card will work all the same but its for computers with express card slots. :)

Click here

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  1. I am not sure I understand about the whole plan part. If I have the unlimited family plan, and Blackberry internet plan - I can plug my SIM card in this and use in laptop?