Monday, May 25, 2009

How to get your 3g laptop stick to work on mac.

Everyone loves and wants thier hands on the new 3g laptop stick! If you havnt heard of it or want to buy one check it out!

Ok so the firmware on the new 3g laptop stick in the states does not work on mac... yet. Or at least thats what tmobile will tell you. But if your a dedicated mac user and want to know how you can still use this device on your mac. You can do this:

1.) Download the Mobile Connect Software from here: Mobile Connect
(Here is the User Manual if you would like to read more details about the software)
2.) Insert Your webConnect USB stick into the PC, and ignore any prompts that is gives you.
3.) Run the E180-WINMAC.exe file.
2.) This will overwrite the firmware on the USB stick.
3.) Now you can plug the stick into your Mac(Leopard OSX tested).You will need to go to System Preferences > Network to accept the drivers for the new firmware.

You will see three new connections in the left hand section of the Network cards area.
4.) Click on Huawei Mobile. It will prompt you to allow this.
5.) Run the Mobile Connect app.

6.) Click on Setting

a.) Create a profile name. ex:T-mobile
b.) Add the Access Point Name:
c.) Add the telephone number: *99#
d.) Authentication: PAP
e.) Click Save

7.) Click Connect, and it should connect and Authenticate your connection.

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