Monday, May 25, 2009

Sony ericsson TM506 as modem

Yes it CAN be used as a modem, something tmobile doesnt tell you because of the negative impact that the phone has on thier network, though if you upgraded your firmware I believe this will no longer work. But for those of you who havnt. here is the instructions. Found directly from Sony Ericsson themselves.

First you MUST have the Sony PC suite found here:


-Connect the USB cable to the computer and the phone.

-In the phone: Select Phone mode.

-On the computer: The first time you connect your phone to the computer, you need to identify and name the phone. Wait for the drivers to be installed (this is done automatically).

-On the computer: In the Sony Ericsson PC Suite application, click Tools > Internet Connection.

-Select Create a new connection from the Advanced settings drop-down list.

-The Internet Connection Wizard appears. Follow the instructions and enter the required settings.

-To connect to the Internet, click Connect in the Internet connection window.


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