Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Best Iphone apps ever!

First I will list the apps from the Itunes Appstore that I have found and like;

Midomi- Midomi lets you "catch" or "snag" songs from the radio and such. You just open the app, press grab and put it by the speaker, it will find the song, show you the music video, let you buy from itunes or show you lyrics and more. Its a must have, and its FREE

Pandora- If you dont know what pandora radio is you must get it. You tell it a song or artist and it creates a playlist for you with that artist and others similar. its awesome. AND FREE

Emer. Radio- Its simple, and fun. its a police scanner so you can listen to them call in burglerys and such. Very fun.

Flixter- Check movie times reviews and order tickets

Pocket god- Cheap fun game that alows you to play god, always updating and tons of fun.

I will add more later.

Now for the fun ones though, but you must jailbreak your phone and have CYDIA for these.

MxTube- Allows you to download ANY youtube movie and store it on your phone, so its free music videos and such. AMAZING

MewSeek Pro- I think it costs 10 dollars but its like LIMEWIRE on crack. You can download unlimited songs, it uses internet and not p2p so its like lightning fast and you can find almost any song. AMAZING.

Movies- Its only worth mentioning because it has worked for 2 movies for me. I have tried to donwload probably 50 and failed, but twice it has worked. It lets you download movies for free to your iphone.

I just started making apps, I am going to post them here when I do. Need to get some breakthrough ideas. I will post a new post for how to do so.

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